Faculty & Staff 2016-17

Administration & Support Staff

jsargent Jennifer Sargent, Executive Director jsargent@holahoboken.org

mpizarro Marta Pizarro, Administrative Office Manager, mpizarro@holahoboken.org

digna Digna Moreira, Business Office Manager, dmoreira@holahoboken.org

drodriguez Delines RodriguezElementary Dean of Students / Family Liaison, drodriguez@holahoboken.org

jspano Joseph Spano, LDTC, Coordinator of Student Services / Middle School Dean, jspano@holahoboken.org 

ctran Catherine Tran, Special Projects Coordinator, ctran@holahoboken.org

dsepulveda Damaris Sepulveda, Receptionist / Office Assistant (Elementary School), dsepulveda@holahoboken.org

jalicea Jessica Alicea, Receptionist/Office Assistant (Middle School), jalicea@holahoboken.org

cpipchick Christine Pipchick, Health and Wellness Practitioner, cpipchick@holahoboken.org

Yaffa Cohen, School Nurse ycohen@holahoboken.org

iibarra Isaac Ibarra, Operations Assistant, iibarra@holahoboken.org

Fermin Duarte, Facilities / Maintenance

Douglas Heyman, IT Specialist, dheyman@holahoboken.org

Instructional Staff

Coaching and Resource 

dalderman Dominy Alderman, Coaching Coordinator, dalderman@holahoboken.org

kbutrie Kate Butrie, Math Coach, kbutrie@holahoboken.org

fernandez Wendy Fernandez, Immersion Coordinator / Coach, wfernandez@holahoboken.org

satkinson Sadie Atkinson, Special Education & Resource Teacher, satkinson@holahoboken.org

malvarez Maria Alvarez, Special Education Teacher/K-2 Literacy Coach, malvarez@holahoboken.org

Karen Robergeau, School Psychologistkrobergeau@holahoboken.org


bgarcia Brigitte Garcia, Lead KA, bgarcia@holahoboken.org

Yesica Genao, Co-Teacher KA, ygenao@holahoboken.org

Anny Tellez,
Lead KB atellez@holahoboken.org

jperez Jeni Perez, Co-Teacher KB jperez@holahoboken.org 

First Grade

igutierrez Ileana Gutierrez, 
Lead 1A, igutierrez@holahoboken.org

ksanchez Kathy Sanchez, Co-teacher 1A, ksanchez@holahoboken.org

sgomez Sharon Gomez, Lead 1B, sgomez@holahoboken.org

Claudia Ostorga
, Co-Teacher 1B, costorga@holahoboken.org

Second Grade

erodriguez Elimey Rodriguez, Lead 2A erodriguez@holahoboken.org

Catriona McDougall, Co-Teacher 2A, cmcdougall@holahoboken.org

enegrete Eugene Negrete, Lead 2B, enegrete@holahoboken.org

smartinez Shyam Martinez, Co-Teacher 2B smartinez@holahoboken.org

zampella Angela Zampella, One-on-One Instructional Aide, azampella@holahoboken.org

Third Grade

jmaccoux Jeffrey Maccoux, 
Spanish classroom jmaccoux@holahoboken.org

Sheila Linares, English classroom, slinares@holahoboken.org

jduarte Julie Duarte, 
Co-Teacher, jduarte@holahoboken.org

Yrays Cardenas, One-on One Instructional Aide, ycardenas@holahoboken.org

Fourth Grade

Elisabet Cienfuegos Adams, Spanish classroom, ecienfuegos@holahoboken.org 

cpiccerilli Cara Piccerilli, 
English classroom cpiccerilli@holahoboken.org

Ramona Knepp, Co-teacher, rknepp@holahoboken.org

Jessica Rodriguez, One-on One Instructional Aidejrodriguez@holahoboken.org

Sam Akosah, Co-Teacher / Permanent Substitute (Elementary School), sakosah@holahoboken.org

Alessandra Brivio, Permanent Substituteabrivio@holahoboken.org

Middle School

vabrisqueta Vanessa Abrisqueta, 7th and 8th Grade Science, 7A Homeroom, vabrisqueta@holahoboken.org

Filmar CruzOne-on-One Instructional Aidefcruz@holahoboken.org

lduarte Lil Duarte, 5th and 6th Grade Math, 5A Homeroom, lduarte@holahoboken.org

tgarcia Trini García-Villén, 
5th and 6th Grade Spanish Language Arts, 6B Homeroom, tgarcia@holahoboken.org

Maielle Helman
, 7th and 8th Grade Math, 7B Homeroom, mhelman@holahoboken.org

amedina Adina Medina, 7th and 8th Grade English Language Arts, 8AB Homeroom amedina@holahoboken.org

gpascal Giselle Pascal, 5th and 6th Grade Science, 5B Homeroom, gpascal@holahoboken.org

Mirtha Perez, 7th and 8th Grade Spanish Language Arts, 8AB Homeroom, mperez@holahoboken.org

mrodrigues Marissa Rodrigues5th and 6th Grade English Language Arts, 6A Homeroom, mrodrigues@holahoboken.org

sromano Sandra Romano-Lazo,  5th-8th Grade Social Studies, 5B Homeroom srlazo@holahoboken.org


Specials Teachers

aalonso Alicia AlonsoMusic aalonso@holahoboken.org

agaxiola Alejandra Gaxiola, Art agaxiola@holahoboken.org

jmartinho Jessica Gomes-Martinho, Physical Education, Health, and Fitness (Elementary & Middle School) jgmartinho@holahoboken.org

jgonzalez Jason Gonzalez, Physical Education,

romero Steven Romero, STEM sromero@holahoboken.org


Lunch, Recess, and Aftercare Staff

mgarcia Margarita Garcia, Aftercare, Enrichment, & Summer Camp Coordinator, mgarcia@holahoboken.org

gcamacho Gisel Camacho, Lunch Aide, gcamacho@holahoboken.org

efresse Eleanor Fresse, Lunch Aide, efresse@holahoboken.org

Rhinibelt Guzman, Lunch/Recess/Aftercare Aide, rguzman@holahoboken.org

Clara Yanez
, Lunch/Recess/Aftercare Aide, cyanez@holahoboken.org

jcrespo Jessica Crespo
, Lunch Aide, jcrespo@holahoboken.org 

Zoraida Zayas, Lunch/Recess Aide, zzayas@holahoboken.org

First Grade

First Grade