Aftercare 2017-18

¡Hola Padres! 


Aftercare registration is now open. Please note Aftercare registration is no longer being administered through, but through Active (the same site that we use for camp and enrichment registration); please click on the link below to register.


This year we will offer a prepaid annual rate of: $3,375.00;

a monthly rate of: $375.00; 

and a daily emergency rate of: $35.00

(Please note that we no longer offer aftercare at an hourly rate.)


Please email your child's aftercare schedule to his/her teacher, once you have completed registration. 

Aftercare will be held at Jefferson St.,

if your child is in Middle School, s/he will be escorted to Jefferson by an aftercare staff member by 4pm daily. 


If you have any further questions, feel free to email me at


Please note, all enrichment offerings will be published on Friday, September 25, and registration for enrichment will be available beginning Monday, September 27, at 8pm (a reminder email will go out at 7pm).

Enrichment classes begin on October 5, 2016.



I'm looking forward to a great year of aftercare & enrichment! 


  • The HoLa Aftercare staff agrees to notify the parents/guardians whenever the child becomes ill. The parents/guardians will arrange to have the child picked up as soon as possible if so requested by the staff. In case of an emergency, if the parents/guardians can not be reached, the emergency contacts you provided on the Student Information Form will be notified.
  • Children will only be released to adults who are listed on the Student Information Form. Please inform the Aftercare Coordinator by e-mail at about special pick-up arrangements, such as play dates.
  • Electronic Devices and toys brought from home are not permitted in Aftercare.
  • Every family using afterschool must pay a registration fee of $50.00.This covers administration fees and credit card processing fees.
  • Monthly Payments are due on the first day of the month enrolled. Timely payments are the responsibility of the parents. A $20 Late Fee will be charged if payment is not paid in full by the 15th of each month.
  • We have taken into consideration vacations, days off, and other circumstances when setting the rates. We do not pro-rate for any reason.
  • Please note that we will charge $1.00 per minute if a student remain in aftercare after 6:00pm. This fee is necessary in order to pay our staff for working overtime.

Enrollment Rate Sibling Rate 10% discount Free Lunch 50% discount Reduced Lunch 35% discount One Time Registration Fee
Prepaid Yearly Full Time (M-F) $3150/year $2835/year $1575/year $2047.50/year $50
Monthly Full Time (M-F) $350/month $315/month $175/month $227.50/month $50
 Daily Rate $25 No Discount No Discount No discount $50